Hey everyone!! Sorry it’s been forever, I was waiting for something semi-exciting to happen before I posted. I have a point to get to, but I’m tired of trying to look like I’m some wise advice-giving blog. Trust me, I’m not. This is like me talking back and forth to myself in my head… The fact that any of you read this is incredible to me. And when some of you send me messages about how it’s helped you? Whoa.

You guys! Tonight was so awesome! My wonderful best friend Anna took me to see the stage production of The Wizard of Oz. While I was skeptical, they did such a fantastic job. The score was on point, they used script from the actual movie… I may have cried, just a bit. 

Before and after the show was sick, too. Anna and I got there an hour early to see John Fricke (who is an actual Oz expert, he’s freaking MET Judy Garland), who spoke a bit about the story and how it’s adapted over the years. Someone else had brought in their collection of Oz-related stuff, and I gasped the entire time like a little kid staring at candy behind glass.

After the show, I got to go backstage and see some of the set, also in total thanks to Anna. I got to stand next to the apple-throwing trees, guys. Cross that off my bucket list. I also met the cast of the show, and I was literally too nervous to talk to the girl who played Dorothy because I was so blown away by her phenomenal performance.  

I love meeting females who do something lead-role related. It’s so inspiring. I remember when I met Caroline from Chairlift a while back, I told her how excited I was to meet her because people are constantly telling me that I’ll never make it as a musician because I’m female, so to see her slaying the stage with her talent gives me some hope.

I remember that she was appalled when she stepped back from our hug and said, “Who told you that? Someone from a hundred years ago?” 

From a standpoint, we do think that, don’t we? It doesn’t seem like a bias as such would still be going on in 2016. You’d think we’d have moved on. 

But then I see some sick story in the news, something filled with sexism and/or double standards, and having someone still say in this day and age that I won’t make it because of my gender doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.
I’ve been told by a family member who will remain nameless that it’s hard for girls in any industry, but it’s especially tough in music. A lot of record companies want something they can sell, she told me, and one of the most sure fire things they could put out there is a cute boy that tons of hopelessly-in-love fans will fawn over.

How annoying is that. And pretty dream-crushing, too, so I guess that’s why I latch on and look up to people who put that assumption to shame. Taylor Swift, Kirstin, hell, even Judy Garland was throwing that in the trash. And, honestly, their statement about females having a harder time being successful just made me want to work harder to prove her wrong.

But are there truth behind her words? Are we still that set back? Sometimes, when I’m at a concert, I think so. I remember going to one with my friend, and there was a young boy with a very poppy, catchy sound that played first. The crowd ate him up, cheering for his winks and flirtatious smiles. He was okay, but I wasn’t super into his music. Then the next act came out, part of which was a female singer. It was kind of appalling to see how many people were talking loudly during the set and just not paying attention, despite how hard this girl was killing it.

I think there’s a chance for everyone. No, scratch that, I know there is. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, what your sexuality or skin color is. Screw what everyone else says about it. If you want it, if you put in the hard work, you’ll get there.

I hate double standards. I hate the blatant sexism that continues to take place in our world. It drives me absolutely insane. I wonder if there will be a day where someone says, “I was told I deserved it because of what I was wearing,” and someone replies with, “Who told you that, someone from a hundred years ago?”

Love you all,



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