Ohhhh man. A busy week is ahead!

I’ve been looking forward to this week/weekend for a while. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving with my friends to go to Rosemont to see Us the Duo and Pentatonix in concert! Then, two days later, I’m seeing them again. And then I’m coming back home and meeting Troye Sivan!!

I haven’t stopped screeching.

Is it weird to meet a celebrity decked out in costume? Because I’m doing it. The Troye concert is on Halloween, and I can’t just not dress up. Can anyone guess who I’m going as?!?

I’ve always loved Halloween. October first rolls around and I’m playing that Spooky Scary Skeleton song and bringing out the big tub of Halloween movies from the basement. It also gives me a reason not to dust, because cobwebs are in (I kid, I kid).

I’m also a fan of dressing up. I love being able to be someone else for a night. I love getting to choose who you want to be, too.

Isn’t that the dream? To choose who you are. To have a choice. A lot of people think we have no say in the matter, but don’t we? You can choose to fight to be happy or stay sad. You can choose to be mean or kind. You can choose to work for something or let it go.

I think I’m looking forward to dressing up as someone else because I haven’t been the best version of myself lately. I haven’t been choosing the more positive options. I’ve been choosing the opposite of happiness, and I am indeed very sad a lot of the time. I’ve just let it take over. I’m not doing anything to change it.

I try to distract myself to keep my mind from dwelling on it, throwing myself into different projects and work and such. But that only goes so far, because at the end of the day I’m alone in my room and everything comes crashing back.

How long can we keep the costume on before everyone realizes it was only a disguise, no matter how alike you might look to it?

This Sunday and Monday, I get to dress up. I get to slip into someone else’s role. I get to choose who I want to be. But come Tuesday, I’m still going to be choosing who I am. I’m going to take the costumes off and be myself, and I’m going to try and make myself better, the best version I can be.

I hope your weekend is safe and wonderful.

Love you all,



Okay, so I need my city to get with the program. It is mid October. It’s time for autumn weather. It doesn’t feel right eating pumpkin spice Cheerios when it’s ninety degrees out.

It was so hot in St. Louis yesterday. Did that stop me from wearing long sleeves? Absolutely not.

I wore jeans for the first time in a while yesterday, too. I bought two new pairs for work, and they were cute so I swapped the skirt I had on for the more faded pair. For whatever reason, wearing them made my confidence plummet down. I don’t know what it was! I had just bought them because they looked good, so it was strange that my brain was telling me it was all wrong.

The worst part is that I let that seriously impact my day. My mood got at least sixty percent worse all because of a cute pair of jeans. It made me feel extra terrible because I was bringing the people I was around down with me. 

That’s one of my biggest peeves, when I do that. Yet no matter how hard I try not to do it, I mess up a lot.

I think it’s human nature, of course, but every time I fail – at anything, really – it eats at me until I’m doubting whether I’ve ever been a good person at all.

I’m pretty dramatic.

I’ve been really self-centered these past two weeks. I agree that it’s good to think of yourself and do things that are good for your health. That’s so important. But this was a whole different level. Thinking of myself got in the way of me being happy for other people when good things happened to them.

I hate that. I hate that I get that way. And it seems that no matter how hard I try to push it away, it keeps washing up on the shore again. 

I think the reason for that is probably because you can’t shove away your problems and expect them to disappear. They’re gonna stay there and you’ve gotta learn how to cope/handle them. We’ll save all that for a separate post, though. 😉

The weird thing is that I spend a lot of time being frustrated that others can’t be happy. I’ve said a few times that if I could shoulder everyone’s pain and take it on myself, I would in a heartbeat. It drives me mad when I see such good people having hate accounts made for them. I can’t believe cyber bullying is still such a problem. It’s 2016. Let’s stop with this petty hate. It’s ridiculous.

One thing that I’ve never before noticed is majorly fueling my selfishness is FOMO. Oh yes, the dreadful fear of missing out. I think that deep down everyone has the fear of missing out, at least sometimes. It sucks! Who wants to sit at home doing nothing while watching your friends have a good time?

Well, I guess that answer depends on what I’m watching on Netflix. I’d rather finish this eleventh season of Supernatural than go to Starbucks. Anyone’s free to join me, though! Bring the coffee here, haha.

You know, it’s not even always missing out on the event that’s upsetting. It’s missing out on being a part of this awesome moment with my friends. I was never the coolest person in school (seriously not), so you would think I’d be kind of used to being left out. Yet, I cried my eyes out when my friends went on a road trip without me, even though it wasn’t their fault I couldn’t go, and they shouldn’t stay home on account of me.

Ugh. You know, Mitch told me that emotions are good, and I agree with him. That phrase is like My Thing. But sometimes emotions are super frustrating, too. 

I think that the key thing to do when all of this starts to happen is remember all of the moments that I don’t miss out on. I’m going to Chicago with my friends at the end of the month, and we’re seeing Troye Sivan on Halloween! I’m seriously so excited, and I know that it will create many memories/moments that I’m lucky enough to be a part of. 

There’s a line from one of my favorite songs that I think about a lot: Count your blessings every day, it makes the monsters go away.

I love that. That s some great advice to take to heart. The negative, dark thoughts in our world have this thing about being really overpowering. To fight that, you have to remember all of the good things in life. It’s not easy, but peace is a two-way street – if you want it to find you, you have to search for it.

I hope you do. And I hope you find it.

Love you all,


P.S.: it was my baby Hemingway’s birthday on Saturday! She turned two. She’s still the light of my life, and she still thinks I’m crazy. Isn’t her Halloween bandana cute?



I can’t tell you how excited I am. Halloween, changing leaves, my favorite weather, that smell of bonfires in the air, sweaters, pumpkin spice everything!!!

Seriously, someone take money away from me. I’ve gone so crazy with all the new pumpkin spice stuff this year that I might just turn into cinnamon and squash.

I’ve also started the #chooseyourhappiness #octoberlovin challenge on my Instagram! Kirstin did this a while back, and I think it will definitely benefit me to find something I love every day during the month I adore so much. 

In other news, I’m exhausted.

Alexx, Anna and I drove to Arkansas Tuesday afternoon to see Kevin speak at Harding University. 

We had to be back by 9 AM on Wednesday because I had orientation at Old Navy.

It was about a fourteen-hour drive.

Was I miserable? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely.

The speech was so amazing!! Kevin even performed a few pieces for us. My favorite was Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Alexx and I were crying.

There was a quote that he kept making us repeat throughout the speech. A mantra, if you will. And as hard as I tried to make myself remember it, I got so caught up that it didn’t stick. Lucky for me, he messaged me on twitter the exact quote so I can be accurate. 

“God is a creative God. If I am made in his image, then I must be creative as well.”


I was instantly in love with that. And I think I definitely needed to hear it! 

I’ve never viewed myself as “creative.” I’m very bland. Monotone. The white crayon. So when he said that, it gave me some hope.

As someone who wants to be in the music industry more than anything in the world, I could use a lot of hope that I’m creative. It’s kind of what I need to bank on.

That was actually kind of another thing I related to with him. I’ve been so nervous about what pathway I’m supposed to be on career/lifewise. Nervous that I’m doing everything wrong.

Kevin was a premed student. But he moved to music because he felt a pull in his heart that this was the right thing, that this is what God wanted him to do.

I connected to that immensely. (Though definitely not because I’m premed. I wish I was smart enough for that.) For basically my entire life, ever since I’ve been able to write, my family and everyone around me has marked me as an author. I was supposed to write books, it’s what everyone expected of me. So I did it, and I told myself I liked it. I’ve written ten books. All unpublished, but still. Ten books takes a lot of time. I would stay up until four in the morning writing, fueled by coffee and music. I went to school with my backpack heavy; not from textbooks, but from binders and notebooks filled with stories.

But I think I always knew in my heart that it wasn’t right.

It didn’t feel right. But I knew that’s what everyone wanted me to do, what they said I was good at, so I did it.

But there was a pull in my heart telling me that it was wrong. It wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

I’ve gone through years of hiding that I wanted to be in music. I’ve said I want to be an interior designer, a journalist, a vet. You know, plausible jobs that you can plan from point A to point B on how to get there. I created stories of things that semi-interested me to sound like I had it all mapped out when people asked me what I was going to do (which is everyone’s favorite thing to do with kids, you know).

It made me miserable.

All I’ve ever wanted was to be in music. I’ve been told I’m not good at any of it, that it makes no money, that I’ll regret it… but I feel like that is truly the path I’m supposed to be on.

It might not work out, but right now it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. I can feel it in my heart.

I finally started telling everyone the truth. I don’t write books anymore. It’s not fun for me and doesn’t keep my attention. I still love to read, but I don’t want a job in that community.

And yes, I get a ton of eye rolls and disappointed/annoyed expressions from family members when I tell them I want to be a singer/songwriter. But I get over it.

I truly hope that you all find the path you’re supposed to be on. It might take a while, but I have faith in you. ❤️

Love you all,


P.S: Katniss got all her shaggy hair shaved off!! And check out her cute festive bandana!! Thanks Kelly!


Have you ever been having a grand ol’ time, then something slightly insignificant to your day comes along, and suddenly your whole good mood is ruined?

That happens to me constantly, and it makes me feel weak. Like, I feel like I should be able to just get over it. I just couldn’t find my other matching sock, it’s no big deal. They just got a little irritated with me because I’m not perfect, it’s not big deal. I just have a hole in my cardigan, it’s no big deal, no one notices.
But it feels like a big deal, and it feels like the literal end of the world at times.
Sometimes I feel so insecure and gross that I’m certain these things are written all over my face and everyone else can see them too.
I was in therapy last week and I was told something that stuck with me: “Just because your brain is telling you the alphabet begins with L, that doesn’t mean it’s true.”
Now, some of you might be thinking Well, duh, your opinion can’t switch facts. But I think it really helps explain anxiety, and bring those who suffer from it a hint of comfort.
There are days where I’m so worked up that the smallest thing will feel like the end of the world. Anna could swerve off the road a little bit and my mind would instantly decide that this was it, we were going to spiral into the grass and die in an awful accident. Even though Anna was totally fine and back on the road within the next second, I still had that moment of complete fear.
It happens with the smallest of things, too, and it’s pretty taxing stuff. If one of my friends doesn’t text me back for half an hour, my mind will start telling me that I’ve ruined the relationship completely, that they want nothing to do with me and that I’m an awful person and that they’ll never speak to me again. In reality, they were taking a shower and fixing their hair so they couldn’t get back to me right away.
Even though logic will be staring me in the face sometimes, my mind will still tell me that something completely irrational to think is the cold hard fact. Sometimes, your mind convinces you that the alphabet starts with L, but that doesn’t make it true. It starts with A, and nothing will change that, right?
When you’re having a panic attack or you can feel one coming on, try to remember that. When your thoughts start racing and you can’t make them stop, try to remember that.
Just because your mind is telling you these things does not make them true.
Stay safe and lovely, lovelies.

Love you all,



You know, the longer I stayed MIA, the harder it became to talk myself back into writing. I’ve been so unexplainably tired lately! I’ve already yawned twice so far since I started this post.

I became kind of a recluse for a while, keeping out of communication with most of the world, even the people I’m normally closest to. Gradually, though, I started being more chatty, and right now I’m at a point where I constantly want to be hanging out with someone! I’m so lucky to have friends who always welcome me with open arms.

Friendships are so important. Keeping them isn’t always easy, either. Just like with romantic relationships, friendships take work, sometimes lots of it. People are constantly changing, and you have to get through the rough patches as well as the good, fun ones. There are friends who leave and stop talking to you as soon as the slightest argument occurs. But then there are the really true, important friends that you love dearly and who love you back, and when you have arguements you have to hold on tight.

In the past, I’ve held on too tight. Too long. I’ve loved friends so much that I couldn’t see they were hurting me. I thought that it was full of continuous rough patches that I simply had to get over. That wasn’t the case, and it blew up in my face at the end.

There’s even been a relationship where I finally was strong enough to cut ties because I believed it would be for the best, but then the person turned around and gave me a heartfelt apology, something they’d never done before, so I decided to give them one more chance to see if they’d changed. And we’re stronger than we’ve ever been before!

I don’t think that being best friends with someone is the same kind of friendship you see on TV shows or in books. The ride or die friends that never bicker or have a disagreement. Everybody has emotions, everyone goes through changes of heart. It’s human nature, but it can challenge a relationship. Remember in High School Musical 2, where Chad was being all pissy and lame when Troy got a better job than him? In the third movie, they’re back to being best buds and jumping on cars while singing again. That’s more real life. (Yes, the singing too. What do you mean you’ve never done that?)

There’s a quote from Kirstin that I love. “People are always going to walk in and out of my life.” It’s so true!! And that can be very sad, but sometimes it’s for the best. Sometimes it’s just because you lose touch, no hard feelings intended. That’s just a part of life. But I do believe that you can stay friends with someone for years, and that the right people – people who love you without makeup or filters or fake personalities – will find you. 

It’s all a matter of working things out. There are friends who will be there solely for those times where you want to have fun. There are friends who you sometimes have to fight for. It’s not always easy to tell whether or not you should keep up the fight, in fact it rarely ever is. But I trust that, eventually, you’ll come to a conclusion. I believe in you!

By the way, how cute are these photos?? Sean and I recreated Perks of Being a Wallflower-themed poses at our high school’s bleachers. We always said we would do that once we were finished with school, and I got a little emotional thinking about how we’ve gotten this far. Do people expect us to act like adults now?? I’m going to go watch Frozen.

Love you all,



Another end of the week is upon us!

I’ve had a good one, and I hope all of you have as well. If not, hold tight. We’re in this together. You’re not alone. ❤️

Summer is ending, and most of the people I know are restarting school again next week. Don’t be too upset, though, because if summer is ending, that means October is on its way!!

I went to the Muny twice this week to see the musical Aida, and might be going again if I can. That production is phenomenal. I had never heard anything about it except that Elton John helped write a lot of the music, so I knew I’d be on board, but it exceeded my expectations. My friends and I had such a blast together, crying during the show and gushing about the performances to the cast afterwards.

(We were trying to copy the choreo from the show.)

Speaking of, I got to meet a lot of cool people. Ken Page (who I know mostly for his role as Oogie Boogey in The Nightmare Before Christmas, because it was one of my very favorite movies growing up… and still) literally dragged Alexx and I for gushing over a cute boy. 

We also got to meet Michelle Williams, who was the star of the musical and who played the original Aida on Broadway, but in addition to that we were all geeking out over meeting a member of Destiny’s Child. She was also the nicest person! We were too shy to say anything to her, so she was the one to walk over to us first and introduce herself (lucky for us). And then the next night when we saw her she was laughing at how we forgot to take a picture and was happy to be in one with us.

The cast of this show was incredible, I loved every person for every character. I have the tiniest innocent crush on the male lead, Zak Resnick. He’s got one of those flawless Disney prince voices.

Despite how hot and humid it was (and how many awful hills are at the Muny, god), it was such a blast. I hope to go again!

I love going out and doing stuff like that. That’s a stupid statement, because duh. Who doesn’t like having awesome things happen to them? I just think it’s nice to have something to post on Instagram and Facebook other than weird selfies with the overused Snapchat filters. (But, seriously, I’m obsessed with them?? I’d keep those butterflies over my head permanently.)

I marvel a lot at how fast everything is happening. It seems like two days ago Anna and I were talking about going to see Aida when the shows that would be going on were announced, when in actuality, two days ago we were at Aida and the season is about to close.

I hate that time passes by so quickly, because I’m scared to grow up.

I saw this post on tumblr with this long explanation thread about Peter Pan and how the story was an example on why growing up and maturing is so vital. Peter was kind of mad because he’d never had any proper parenting. He was so wild that he would kill some of the Lost Boys if they disobeyed Peter’s order or got too old. Like, okay. He’s attention-seeking, arrogant, and disregards anyone’s feelings. Selfish, to put it simply. So, turns out, the Peter Pan that I adored so much my whole life was a brat.

I understand that growing up is a good thing. I understand that responsibilities are necessary and important. But that doesn’t take away the fact that they are freaking overwhelming.

The people who were in my class are all leaving for college, but if I close my eyes I can picture walking into kindergarten for the very first time. I could draw up exactly what the carpet looked like. I can picture kids that look so different now. It’s insane. 

It’s not really that I want to stay in this time period. I’m looking forward to better things ahead, and want to start really kicking into high gear working towards my goals. But it’s still scary to think about. We’re no longer dreaming about all the things we’re going to do someday. We’re putting those plans into action. Getting jobs, having relationships, discovering who we are as people.

So, I can be kind of a nerd. In one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who, there’s this episode where the Eleventh Doctor describes how he never reads the last page of stories, because he hates endings. It can be so hard to finish up a story, especially when you’re being forced to close it. But part of life is finding the courage to turn to that last page and read through it. And though there’s really not any way for this part of my life to not to be an ending, it’s also not, in a sense. 
That was really confusing.

You know that comforted feeling when you finish a book or a movie but you’re aware that there’s already a sequel for you to start? Or when you finish the season of a show on Netflix, but there’s more waiting for you? That’s what this is like. I’m done with this school part of my life. High school is over. But my sequel of going to college and getting a career is ready for me to begin.

I’ll see you all next season.

Love you all,


It’s been a busy week! I love that. Does that sound weird? I like keeping busy, because I think sitting in my room with nothing to do makes it easier for me to feel down. Plus, it was the fun kind of busy.
Last Sunday I got to drive up to Chicago to meet Shane Dawson, which was insane. We left the city just as this huge storm hit, too, so the drive back was filled with lots of praying and pulling over at rest stops for hours at a time. Lots of bonding time for Anna and I. We got so tired that we had to pour water over our eyes to stay awake.

I also got to meet Us the Duo this past Friday! I’ve seen their show a few times since they opened up for Pentatonix, but I’ve never actually got to meet them. They were the absolute kindest people ever, and the best performers. Alexx and I got to sing during Goodbye Forever, it was quite the jam.

During their sound check, they sang this medley of hits from 2015 (click here to watch it, it’s awesome), and I was the only girl in the crowd that sang their hallelujah during Uptown Funk. Which, looking back on it now was super funny, and it was cute when Michael and Carissa laughed, but at the time I was completely mortified.

A few days later, I drove into the city with my family and we camped out overnight for twenty one pilots. As in, slept on the streets of St. Louis overnight. I’m sure that if you didn’t already think I was crazy, you do now. The things I do for my favorite bands. It wasn’t that bad, in all honesty… until it started raining on us. That part sucked. The show was worth it as always, though! I’m just now getting my voice back from screaming so much. I tried to be really artsy and made this mini movie called “Barricade Views” documenting the concert, but it ended up being not as sick as I originally thought. It’s still fun to watch.

There was this part during Mutemath’s set, which were one of the two openers, where they began playing the intro to a song I recognized. At first I thought it was a cover, but then it hit me: this was a song from Twilight! I actually said that out loud, too, and everyone around me stared at me oddly because they had no idea what I was going on about. I remember watching this music video as a vampire-obsessed preteen. 

I’m pretty sure I freaked the guards out when twenty one pilots was playing, too. I always promise that I won’t ugly sob, yet every time I always do. Forest gets me, because that was the very first song I ever heard by them. 

Concerts aside, I got to visit with some relatives that are staying here from out of state for a week. It always hits me how much I missed someone when I’m hugging them after months of not seeing them. I celebrated about three birthdays and have had entirely too much ice cream, but I honestly don’t regret a single bite. Ice cream is and always will be my biggest weakness.

Now, I’m pretty excited to just relax for a few days. I’m babysitting tonight, but that’s always chill. I’m going to try and get my sleep schedule back to normal and rewatch Stranger Things (again… Seriously, guys, I’m obsessed). I hope you all had a great week and continue to have a fantastic weekend!

Love you all,